Assalamualaikum and hi dear beloved readers,

First and foremost, thank you for clicking on the crucial "tab" on my blog which is "ABOUT ME". Harharhar. Well, hello everyone I'm Ainul Aqma. *waves like the Miss Universe*

Aqma is the only princess in the family but not the spoilest one. I had to be apart from my family since 13 due to studying in boarding school and college. Hence, I am the most independent one. Hahaha. No worries ibu, ayah and brothers all of you are number one in my heart! :D

A single girl who earn money in a town of Multimedia Super Corridor, Cyberjaya and live in the next town.

I love to spill my creativity into writting and artworks. Alhamdulillah thank you blog for let me spill my words and my business to let me materialise what's in my mind into a beneficial artworks. I love something creative such as flatlay, fashions, patterns and colors. Yes. I am a purpleholic. Are you in my team? *raise your hands*

Another thing about me is I am a TRAVEL-LOVER. I will make sure my "red book" is chopped every year. Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan kata orang. Ye dok? :) Next thing is I am really into beauty and health. Korean beauty is my favourite because their products really suits my skin type. Asian go for Asian, right? :)

This blog gonna be a station to document my travelog, my journey of life, lifestyle, beauty and health info and also the source to realease my tension. I'm sorry for the Manglish language and I will try my best to improve my english day by day. In shaa ALLAH.

I hope you enjoy my blog and have a great day! :D

Till then,
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