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Sunday, September 8, 2019
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Howdy people? I've been so busy every weekend since now I'm settling my project. Since the project report will be in Malay, it takes longer time compared to when I did my writing project in English. Even my mother tongue is Malay, I found it hard to write in Malay. But I will try my best to complete it fast!!! The sooner the better. In shaa ALLAH.

Other than settling my writing project, I also focus on being a freelance writer. Alhamdulillah I got few freelance jobs as content writer from established company in Malaysia and also outside Malaysia. My focus is to be a content writer especially in social media and website. I believe many business owner nowadays just focus on social media content and some of them don't have a proper website. As an information management graduate, I believe my knowledge can be applied to improve their business. In shaa ALLAH.

Pic: Google
Why 2021?
2021 is the year where my target is to be a full time to be digital nomad as freelance content writer. Every dream should have timeline to be a reality. 2020 is gonna be the year for me to settle all the debts, get lot of savings and settle down everything. But still I do my job as freelance content writer. 

Digital Nomad Destination: SEOUL
I choose SEOUL as my 1st destination as digital nomad. Why Seoul?
I love Seoul so much. I believe the ambiance there really suit my soul. I love all the cute and hipster cafe there. Their internet super damn fast! I can hop from one place to other place in with public transport easily. Other than that, I've been used to Seoul metro maps and I've been eyeing few places that suits digital nomad.

I believe I can make my dream come true. I write this here to avoid if I forget my dream. No one can trust me, other than myself. If you want to have free consultation regarding your website content, do approach me. I am more than happy to help entrepreneur out there to establish their business website and the content. Just email me at if you guys had any inquiry.


REVIEW: Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Sunday, September 1, 2019
Holla dear readers,

So for the past two weeks I was having such a severe dry skin. The dry skin was very severe at the mouth area. I can't wear any make up cause it will make my skin become worst especially at the mouth area. My lips became chapped, flaky and even bleeding :(

I need to wear make up in order to enhance and glow my skin  (cause I always need to be presentable). I believe this is due to weather changes and also too exposed to the air conditioner in the office. Poor my skin. I think I need to find the solution fast to avoid my skin become gloomy and dull. Then I remember my friend told me that she used HADA LABO Hydrating Lotion every time after washing her face to keep her skin moist.

Believe or not it works wonder on my skin. It just took me about 3 days to recover and my skin become moist and supple. Of course I can wear my favourite make up again without hesitate and confidently.

If you want to know how the texture looks like and what other user keep mention about this lotion, just head up to this amazing informative beauty website --> DATUMOU RECIPE 
This website provide you all information you need to know about beauty products.

My skin improvement close up :)
Let's have better skin with knowledge :)


BTS Jimin Reaction on "WINTER BEAR" by V

Saturday, August 24, 2019
Hi all there espacially ARMY !
I've been so keen in doing a video about BTS but as always time hate me sooo much! :P

So, V has released his new single titled "WINTER BEAR" it such a great song and I love it so much.
Plus, Park Jimin (member of BTS) always brag about how awesome Winter Bear is! He even dream about it! So, I've compiled Jimin's reaction on Winter Bear here.

Posted in my Youtube channel: 

ARMY from Malaysia


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