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Monday, March 30, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Apa khabar RMO uols? Masih pishang dan dah gatal kaki nak keluar? Sabar uols. Duduk je kat rumah and buat apa yang patut. Berdoa dan terus berdoa sebab benda virus COVID ni takda ubat lagi hanya badan kita je yang boleh lawan virus tu. Hence, duduk rumah and boost up your immunity ya ! 

So, sempena RMO ni aqma kena la buat kerja dari rumah or work from home. Ya ALLAH barainya hidup saya masa 3 hari pertama RMO ni. Rasa selekeh ya amat. Hahaha. Kau bayangkan pukul 2pm baru nak mandi. Yelah pukul 12.30pm masak lunch. Jadinya mood bekerja tu kureng lah sikit. Well, kena lah create the vibes tu sendiri kan?

Untuk create the vibe, this Monday (30.3.2020) aqma nak masuk my home office with proper make up and all. Mandi dulu and make up ! I have to create the mood yall~

So yeah aqma dah jumpa inspirasi esok nak "look" macam mana,

from @mejiwoo103 
Cantik sangat la dia ni. Suka cara dia handle business sebab dia tak hamak sangat populariti adik dia, J-HOPE BTS. Dia tak mention sangat pun pasal adik dia. Dia memang buat marketing kaw2 untuk business dia. Dia comelll!

Baru tadi godek2 profile dia, rupanya lahir on 1990. Alaa nak dekat sebaya tapi she is very successful. Suka cara dia promote barang, rajin buat IG LIVE and do whatever needed to do for her business. Ni lah yang aqma suka tengok. Memang cute.

This look pun okay kan? Lipstick, eyeliner sikit, rambut tu helok sikit.. Hahaha..

In shaa ALLAH esok or lusa aqma update if success atau tidak bersiap2 di pagi hari before masuk "home office" Hihihi.

Till then,
Stay at home.


What To Do During RMO? | Understanding Quran

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Well, the RMO is extended till 14/4/2020 and some people get boring and stuck at home like nothing to do. 

So here I'm sharing with you one of the thing that you can do is learning and understanding Al-Quran. Some people said learning Al-Quran need a teacher/ustazah/ustaz. Yes, I agree with that but now during this RMO we cannot go out right? It's restricted right? Actually we can learn thru online. There are a lot of videos in Youtube regarding getting to know a surah.

I'm going to share with you guys the youtube videos that I love to watch, listen and take note about certain surah. 

1) From Mizz Nina about Surah Taha verse 67 & 68.

During this RMO, Covid19 thinggy the explanation about these two verses really touched my heart.
In this life, we should rely on ALLAH. Be grateful and be thankful in every perspective in life. When we feel FEAR, we should have positive thought. 

When I have ALLAH, ALLAH is with me, I make doa to ALLAH, ALLAH will help me, then I can do it. The ability is from ALLAH.

2) From Nouman Ali Khan

I've found this video in Youtube about getting to know surah. Since I've reading Surah Al-Mulk like everyday since during my high school I think it's the best to understand what this surah is all about.
Subhanallah, it such a mind blowing that this surah is full of barakah and this surah will help to prevent from punishment in grave.

The explanation given by Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan VERY SIMPLE and easy to digest. With bismillah, in shaa ALLAH, ALLAH will grant us understanding about the surah easily.

So, hope this sharing can help you guys to enrich knowledge during this RMO.
I believe learning and understanding Quran is a great knowledge that can help us in the life after. May ALLAH ease our journey in dunya and akhirat. In shaa ALLAH :)


Anxiety VS Panic Attack | Apa Bezanya?

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Alhamdulillah it's already March 2020 and I'm currently adapting my new life journey which is at my new workplace. My new workplace is quite far from my home and a bit struggle in term of the task.

Honestly aqma tak pernah ada rasa anxiety or panic attack sebelum ni. I don't know what happen to me suddenly this one particular day I experienced these.

- I feel shocked
- I cannot breathe properly. Shortness of breath
- My hands cold
- I cannot hear properly
- My hands and legs were shaking
- My hands cold
- I cannot hold things properly
- Dry mouth
- Dizzy

Ada certain people rasa cuak, nervous tu biasa especially bila kena present kat depan. But this time it's not a normal thing for me. I feel like I wanna die at that moment. Subhanallah. Bayangkan masa tu I was talking to my colleague and I cannot speak properly and mengah macam baru lepas lari 5km yang version turun naik bukit punya. Huhuhu.

Sebelum I just thought anxiety attack tu biasa2 je and don't even care about it. Tapi bila dah hadap sendiri baru tahu. Teringat masa sekolah my friend semput sampai pengsan2 pasal anxiety attack. Bukan sebab asma tapi sebab bila attack tu datang, you will feel blank and rasa nak mati time tu juga. Huhuhuh.

Paling lawak next to me was an Indian guy. He also panic when he saw me like that. The he said, "Aqma you okay tak ni? Drink water first.. baca bismillah." Sampai macam tu sekali dia advice me. Ngee. Memang dia pun terkejut. 

Now, I'm learning that I need to control my anxiety since I already identified what made me become like that. I know when my anxiety attack will come hence I need to avoid the situation. I hope ALLAH will protect me from all this kind of situation. Amiin~


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