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Monday, February 10, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

It's just a random post here. My hands just wanted to type something and I can't sleep now. I dont know if it was a symptom or what. Since I know myself very well, if I sleep late at night the following morning I will feel unwell, dizzy and discomfort about myself.

Why lah aqma can't sleep now. Maybe because I just had a short nap and while I ironed my clothes for work, I was watching such a productive typing video in Youtube. Serve me right ! Okay let's talk about something that I wanna improve about my life. I know I might not achieve everything but at least I'm listing on what I want to achieve and at leasttt I have dreams.

So these are the things that I want to achieve:

1) Be consistent in exercise
2) Read Quran daily
3) Selawat more than 100 times daily
4) Smile to my parents no matter how tired I am
5) Pray to ALLAH harder and trust Him more
6) Keep watching on my health
7) Achieve my business target
8) Be grateful
9) LOVE myself first

The 10th is the most struggling one. Well, ALLAH loves me. I believe there are tonnes of reason why ALLAH wants me to take care of my body better.

Till then,

Lost 7 kg in less than 10 days !

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

For your information I just had 9 days left to be at my divas the vogue state. I need to loose at least 7 kg in 9 days!! Sounds sooo absurd and I might kill myself due to starving.. But hey, I need to COMMIT on what I've said.

I must keep calm and drink a lot of water instead of muching stupid things. I am only allowed fresh fruits and vegetables in my tummy. Else on plain water. I have to ! I need to ! I want to travel in style. In NEW me !.

Good luck aqma.
The 9 days starts NOW !!!

I'm trying Ailee's weight loss plan guyss..
Only eat 500 calories per day. I know it dangerous but I'm craving for weight loss NOW!!

So, back off syaitan penghasut kegemukan!!!

The lovable Aqma <3


Saturday, February 1, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Guyss.. rupanya dah masuk Februari 2020 daaah. Cepatnya masa berlalu.. Rasanya baru hari tu beria tengok bunga api kan? Mentor aqma ada bagi kata azimat kat aqma untuk February ni iaitu "Think Simple for FRESH FEBRUARY!" Yes! Februari ni means ada lagi 3 bulan je tinggal before raya gaiss.

Good news for those yang nak cari duit lebih/ income EXTRA, aqma sekarang memang actively open for NEW AGENT under my team. Haa nak tahu project apa tengah HOT sekarang? Mestilah project Therapants uols. Menggegar sampai tak cukup tangan taw.

Hence, sebab tu lah open for NEW AGENT untuk aqma pass client and teach you guys how to get clients for Therapants ni. Aqma dah pernah cerita pasal Therapants pada post sebelum ni. 
Korang boleh je terus tekan link ni tengok preview pasal Therapants yang merupakan adik pada korset nombor 1 di Malaysia, Premium Beautiful.


Korang klik je link atas ni untuk tengok apa benda la PB 360 THERAPANTS nih.

Kalau nak tengok depan2, just roger je aqma,
+60102534217 sekarang taw :)



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