My Dream Home Office / Pejabat Dirumah Idamanku

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi beautiful people :)

Thank you for dropping by my lovely blog. Today I would like to share with you guys my dream home office. Yes, you got it right! Home office :) Why home office? It is my dream to be a mumpreneur. Stay at home working mum. Senang I nak bekejar berlari tengok anak membesar. Kids grow up too fast and I can't bear to let it go just like that!

Okay enough bebel on why now we move on to WHAT.

Lately I have been browsing into many youtube videos that show their Office Tour, Room Tour, Office Desk Tour and etc. It is sooo much fun to see how they play with colours combine with inspiration here and there. POP! A great home office just happen!

1. Desk

What would be my favourite desk? Of course I will go for white desk. The desk must have drawers under it. The drawer should can be close and open not open 24/7. Afraid that my future kids will play around with the stuff. Nangis mummy nak kemas balik nanti.

Inside the desk hopefully already have a few sections. If not, I will do it myself. Sonang ajo kan??

2. Computer

For this I'm still thinking either to go for a PC or a laptop. I am thinking to have a new laptop but I sayang my current laptop. Nyawa tuu!

If I go for PC, I can't bring them anywhere. While let if I want a PC, I will go for an iMac. Hehehe. But I will buy the iMac if I have a husband who can topup sikit sebab I nak dia guna sekali. Sharing is caring meh~

If I go for laptop I will buy Macbook Pro 15 inch. Haaaa besau screen dia. Luas mata memandang. Laptop macbook agak laju. I like~ Plus, I hope it can store all my artworks well :)

Tengok macbook kat bawah ni. Warna purple lagi tuuu. Kakak taaa kuaad!

Melting purple! I'm SUPER love it!! 

3. Chair

For the chair I would like to buy that has back support. It is important to have a comfortable chair while you are doing work. Supaya tak cepat bongkok. Then I want to have a cushion for buttocks. So that tak cepat kematu bontot / elak dari kebocoran kena pada kerusi.

4. Post it note

I want to have variety shape and colours of post-it note. Do you guys know where I can find it? Usually I found the square or rectangle. Other different size is arrow shape. Alaaa boringg.. Hopefully you guys can suggest me the fancy and great colours post-it notes. Thank you in advance!

Haaa yang atas ni bagus. Takla comot2/ cepat kotor post-it note nanti. 

5. White board

Okay this is importante! I am the type of person who loves to list out my Things To Do of the day. It will make me keep productive and prioritize my work.

With the white board, it can help me to list my Things To Do and see it clearly. In fact, this white board also can make me become a teacher at home for my kids later. Hihihi. Siap dia mummy mengajar :P

A medium size would be enough. :)

6. Flower pot

Perlu ke ea ada flower pot? Hikhikhik. okay it maybe important to make my home office looks "Wow!" and more berseri kata orang. Okay, will be considered on it.

Nak bunga plastik ke bunga betul ea? hehehe


Oh this is gonna be one of my push factor for me to struggle in doing my work. My dream board will be located near my desk or hanging in front of me. So that I can see it everyday easily. With dream board I believe that I am nearer to achieve my dream. In shaa ALLAH.

I think enough until 7 items that I want at my dream home office. Now readers, what about you? Do you have the same dream like me? Share with me in the comment space below.

Hope my dream Home Office end up like this. In shaa Allah :) 

That's all beauty readers.

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