My Favourite Beauty Youtubers

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

In this post I would like to share with you guys my favourite Youtube Famous / Youtubers. As a beautypreneur of course I love to watch beauty videos. I got a lot inspiration from the videos. The things that I would love to watch such as how to do make up, how to have a great skin, skincare regime, best skincare review and etc. Here we go the list!

Firstly, my favourite Youtuber is thatsheart. She is Philipino. I love her voice, her style in her video. I gain a lot of inspiration from her video especially on how to be confidence with your life. I love her room + office decoration. Simple yet really cosy. If I have her office, I will do my work joyfully. Seriously feel like home!

This is one of my favourite video.

Next is Michelle Phan. Actually I know Michelle Phan first then thatsheart. Teehee! She is a Vietnamese and also live in USA. Her graduation video really tears me down. I adore how she struggling to make people feel confidence with their own self. Plus, I love her drawings a lot! She is incredibly creative! It will make you smile and Whoaaa!

So, here my favourite video :) 

I not find any other beauty vlogger or youtubers that inspired me yet. Will update with you soon when I've found it. Till then.


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