Build Your Dreams. It's FREE !

Friday, November 6, 2015
Assalamualaikum and holla people ! 

Thank you for dropping by my blog. For today segment which is Inspirational Friday  I would like to write about D.R.E.A.M.S. 

Have you had built your dreams? 
You found it hard even though it's FREE?

Come on guys, you love FREE things don't you? :) 

I asked my friend what is your dream car? and my friend said "I don't know as long as it can move." Really? You don't have any dream in you mind??

For me, it is VERY IMPORTANT to build your dreams. Even though it's hard to get but nothing is impossible in this world. You just need to give full effort to full fill your dream. Might be you afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Well, honestly comfort zone wont let you go anywhere. 

So, basically I was the one who very proud with my so called 'comfort zone'. It's not so comfort at all actually. Then I guess I should dig my capability and grow myself. 

Now, I've found my interest which is Beauty World. Then I decided to become a beautypreneur. I love sharing beauty thing with people and also I love to make people feel extra beauty and confident. 

Alhamdulillah now I am happy with myself. I am no longer staying in my so called 'comfort zone'. I am struggling everyday to achieve my dreamssss. Yes. I have a lot of dream since it is free. :) 

So, never ever stop dreaming. Even people will say you just brag about it, let them be. Only you know yourself. In this era if you don't have dream. It is hard for you to achieve great things in life. Never mind if you think your dream is absurd, eventually you will find a way how to achieve it. Just pray and keep struggling. 




Hope this entry can open your mind how important to build your dream and make effort to achieve it. I hope this entry can motivate you to improve your life. In shaa ALLAH. 

Till then, 


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  1. This entry give me an inspiration tq sister for writting this entry :)
    done follow u #25



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