Friday, May 20, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Sekarang dah musim orang cari baju raya kan? While for me instead of cari baju raya aqma usha cari shades raya pula. Alahai over kan nokss?

Shades raya pilihan aqma adalah jenama QUAY AUSTRALIA. Yes darling. It's from Aussie the country of kangaroo *hop hop hop*. The first time I knew about this brand from Heart's instagram. Do you know who Heart is? Go YOUTUBED it okaysss? She is incredibly magician in beauty and stuff.

Aqma dah lama menyimpan hajat nak dapatkan QUAY ni tapiiii fikir betapa mahalnya postage cost nanti. Maka kubiarkan dulu hasrat ini. Ceywahhh.. Then while scrolling twitter I saw this

" We are taking preorder for Quay. Anyone want to have it for raya can pre-order with us. You will receive your item while we are back for raya."

OMGGG !!! My lovely friend who studied there willingly to buy QUAY for those who wanted these awesome shades sooo much! Great thing eventually happen :D

So, I ordered these.

Cherry Bomb - Rose White
Cherry Bomb Rose Gold

tapiii ada lagi satu pilihan hati....

Every little thing
Yang every little thing ni ada design cat eye sikit. takut kalau pakai shawl terkembang dari biasa. tapi design warna hitam dia cunnn.

Namun, untuk jangka masa panjang rasanya cherry bomb tu paling awesome..

Pada korang yang mana lagi cun?
Hurmmmm *urut dagu*

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