From Kim Kardashian to Khadijah

Monday, June 27, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

It's already in the last week of Ramadhan. Usually the last 10 ten days of Ramadhan is the day of full of barakah and forgiveness. As a normal and weak human being I admit that I've done a lot of sins. Astaghfirullah.. However, ALLAH is super duper kind since He always cover up for me so that people will always think nice about me. Subhanallah. 

I've just scrolled to Mizz Nina's instagram. Subhanallah how Islam transform her from "Kim Kardashian" to "Khadijah". Who knows ALLAH's light and hidayah can lead her as today. I respect her firm to change in the right way not separuh2 such as pakai tudung berjambul, baju still ketat2 and all that. 

Mizz Nina and he husband, Noh from Hujan band

I adore her transformation a lot. While writing this I also watching DOPstv which stand for Deen of Peace Studio. This youtube channel contains lot of inspirations and motivations to be a better Muslim. I watched Queen of the Deen: Fynn Jamal. It just 10 minutes talk show BUT tears keep falling down. How beautiful Islam is and we always neglect it. :(

I recommend you guys to check out this awesome youtube channel to encourage our iman and love to Islam in shaa ALLAH. There is never to late to change. May this Ramadhan become the stepping stone for us to be a better Muslim. In shaa ALLAH. Amiin~

What's your islamic youtube channel? Do share with me in the comment below. :) 

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