Minkaffe X Star Trek Beyond

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Today I would like to express my proudness of being Mineral Coffee (old name) or Min Kaffe lover and also Min Kaffe Distributor. As we all know Mineral Coffee has been re-brand to Min Kaffe since May 2016 due to Min Kaffe is going international !!

Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia also consume Min Kaffe as their daily healthy drink. As you all know it's not easy for health product to go penetrate Brunei market. Alhamdulillah Min Kaffe has made it real!

Star Trek Byond will be on premier this coming 22nd July 2016 and proudly to say that Min Kaffe is one of the sponsors. OMG! My daily coffee is going international and will be well known through out the world!

*click video to experience the Beyond Coffe awesomeness*


Min Kaffe is a great daily drink for everyone. Rich with the goodness of Bamboo Salt from Korea. The Bamboo Salt is rich with mineral that cannot be produced naturally from our body. Mineral is important for our body because it helps:

1. To absorb nutrient to our body.

2. To maintain pH balance in our body

3. To contract and relax muscles.

4. To regulate our bodies tissue.

and the list goes on........

Alhamduilillah after 2 years + consume this Min Kaffe, I feel a lot of positive changing in my body. Less fall sick, light body which I can do high cardio exercise without worry, and more weight loss! Amazing isn't it?

Love to chilling with Min Kaffe

During this Ramadhan and Raya season, Sahajidah Haio Marketing has provide amazing sampul raya for every purchase of RM300 above. The sampul raya has Star Trek theme on it.

Star Trek Beyond X Minkaffe Sampul Raya

Yes. You can have this amazing sampul raya with every purchase of RM300 above. The Minkaffe promo is ON!


Grab your Min Kaffe TODAY!
Contact me directly at +60102534217 or email ainul_aqma@yahoo.com to WIDE AWAKE YOUR SENSES!

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