The Sweetness of My Life

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Salam 6th Ramadhan..............

Sedar tak sedar dah dekat seminggu umat Islam berpuasa. Alhamdulillah jumpa Ramadhan lagi.
Apa yang best Ramadhan ni sesi cuci dosa orang kata. Doa banyak2 in shaa ALLAH dimakbulkan ALLAH. amiin.

Lately ni jarang dapat update blog. biasalah tunggu mood kerajinan singgah menyerpa dulu baru la nak menaip. sob3. "Oh no, you want to be like Vivy Yusof right? You have to be rajin and cantik too!" okay part cantik tu kena upgrade EXTRA. *tapipakaiPremiumBeautifulautomaticjadicantik:)*

pic: Google
She's so cantik mannnnn

Syukur lately ni dapat berita gembira TERLALU BANYAK. Alhamdulillah ya Syakur for all the good news. It means a lot to me. Hence, it also the reason why I rarely got quality time to update my cute blog. *lame reason I guess*. I am too busy juggling my life as a full time student, full time worker, part time entrepreneur and only daughter to my beloved parents.

The best part is I enjoy doing all the 'as a' title mentioned above. As a full time student, I am so eager to receive a lot of new knowledge, and my degree is sooo useful for my master study. My ambition to be a forensics kinda become a reality. Sipi-sipi pun jadi laaa. Boleh jadi macam Susan Cooper dalam movie SPY tu :P

As full time worker / employee, I cannot reveal much about my work. Enough to say I love the way of my job which is you CANNOT bring your work to home. Yeay!

Next is as an entreprenuer. This tittle I've been carried since 2012 I guess. Alhamdulillah received abundance of good news, great business partners, learn how to improve my business to another level, meet new friends and do lot of collaborations. Macam2 benda dalam otak ni nak buat untuk business tapi tak semua boleh capai serentak. Kena buat proper planning and by stages. In shaa ALLAH :)

With my beloved mentor, sesi curah dan cerna ILMU

So, thats the sweetness of my life as June 2016. Hectic life makes me learn a lot about life and currently learning to appreciate TIME. In shaa ALLAH I am trying harder to become an awesome daughter to my parents too.

How the sweetness of your life?
Let's share with me :)


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  1. Cantikkan vivy ni! InshaAllah semoga semua dipermudahkan urusan :D Klik iklan vento jugak



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