They Are My WINGS!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

As for business expansion, a strong team is a MUST! Without a great team you definitely cannot go far. Now in this entry I would like to introduce you guys with my active flying WINGS. Their commitment and in the business is not a joke.

Here I present to you the sweetest but high build up spirit Atikah Adha. My ex schoolmate during my primary school. She just live nearby my house in Sepang. She works at KLIA 2. For those who wants to grab your Minkaffe stocks before flying can directly contact her. Here her Instagram.

Top Minkaffe Agent in Sepang. Do ask her for your own stock today!

This was when we had our fruitful business coaching with our beloved mentor, CDM Shaliza Aziz.

She is with the purple scarf

Next is another strong and committed Premium Beautiful Expert, Shazwani.
She is a lecturer at Shah Alam. For those in Shah Alam who wants to get Premium Beautiful please do contact her. She has variety of sizes for you to try and then you can know how comfy our HOT SELLING Premium Beautiful is!

Grab your PB today!

Now special for Putrajaya people. My next wing is always at your place. She is a mom with high entrepreneur spirit crawling in her. Even though she is a government servant but sunshine is not forever. Thus, she choose to do business with TDC for rainy days and better life in the future. In shaa ALLAH~

She is a Minkaffe user and agent too. So Putrajaya people you can reach her to get your Minkaffe to bright up your day :D

Business will always come with strategy. Here was during our strategy meeting to conquer Putrajaya!

So for those at Sepang, Shah Alam and Putrajaya area wants to get Minkaffe or any Sahajidah Haio Marketing products, do contact me NOW and I will direct you to them.

So who wants to be my next WINGS and flying high?
Dont wait for the perfect time. Do email me at to grab this awesome life improvement opportunity! :D

Till then,
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