5 Reasons Why I Love Daphne Iking's Vlog

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Currently my internet data run out fast because I'm currently obsession with few vlogs from Youtube. So here my current favourite vlog goes to....................

Daphe Iking 

Her gorgeousness is unbeatable. Even while she is doing house chores she still gorgeous you know. 
What I learn from Daphne and her family is honesty and be firm in everything you do. If you want something, go for it. If you dont want justify and make sure you are firm with your decision.

Another thing is their house. OMG!! So clean la weyhhh. No bibik with 3 kids are awesomee! She did by herself all the clean up thinggy. Now I'm practicing the make-sure-lantai-dapur-tak-melekit everyday! Not only bila orang nak datang since all my family members are wearing in house slippers in our kitchen. Kui3

She did mengeluh the tiredness of cleaning all the house and so on but her POSITIVITY really strikes me. If she wants to clean the house she did it very well. Tak betangguh2 like me. Aiyoyo. Need to follow her positivity in doing house chores too! *fighting*

Oh ya, another thing that make me love to watch her vlog is how neat she organize everything. She keep all the receipts and do the monthly/yearly budget. Soo organized! I love the idea of working at home. She and Azmi (her husband) has their own workstation at home. It is my dream to have my own working station. Bestnyaaa amiinkan please~

May aqma be a gorgeous work at home mum one day. In shaa ALLAH Amiin~

Here her channel:

Happy exploring her tonnes of vlog!

P/s: She always say that she try hard to keep vlogging everyday. So here I am trying hard to keep blogging EVERYDAY! Chaiyok2!


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