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Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Last week was launching of the latest new Limited Edition of dUCkscarves called dUCk Alphabet Collection. It consists of square scarf, twilly, note book and also tote bag. All are exclusively designed with alphabet. I am not really excited on the scarf since I know the material not suite me if it goes to style like bawal. My face will look bulky and chubby. *I want my jaw and hide the double chin!*

However, I am really into the tote bag and note book. The tote bag really makes my heart flutters. I am now looking for a tote bag that can be used while I'm going for business sharing, appointment, hanging out with friends, and also for class. And now dUCk group makes such a great bag that fits my need. *eyes shining like a stars*

Here the price list for dUCk Alphabet Collection.

Square scarf: RM300

Twilly: RM120

Notebook: RM40

Tote bag: RM400

While looking at the price my eyes become WIDE OPEN and my brain calculating, "What else left in my bank account? Habuk? Debu?" Bitter smile.

I notice that dUCK always make launching of their NEW collection in the middle of the month. So, the one who still berkepuk in the middle of the month can enjoy become the earliest to get their collection. Well, as their motto "who appreciate dash of luxury in their lives" while me when I get RM15 scarfs that make my face "lonjong" I already jump with happiness! The luxury live is still finding it's route. :)

Still I am planning to get the notebook with alphabet "N" . Of course it's the initial of my name and luckily it's PURPLE!!! Thank you dUCk group. Sure D's initial name is N. Hehehe.

N - Notebook

So, dUCkies which are youre favourite?


3 comments on "dUCkscarves | The Alphabet Collection"
  1. Semua favourite boleh? Hehe. paling suka color yang ungu tu. tapi tue lah, bawal. Tak minat sangat lah pulak walaupun sebelum ni beli koleksi bawal je. Tapi serius semua cantikkkk..

    1. ada banyak lagi color siqah tapi of course lah aqma pilih purple je. hehehe.



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