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Thursday, November 17, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Well we are not born to be perfect all the time but we are teach from small to respect each other. We cannot run everything alone and conquer everything alone. We need each other. Thus, we must learn to respect each other. When we need to speak our opinion, we need to speak in modest way. Not everyone can understand you and accept all you want to say. Here, tolerance plays its role :)

First, in any situation difficult or easy we need to be calm. Istighfar is the best calming pill EVER! That's why as a Muslim we are encourage to istighfar like thousand times a day. We are just a humble and tiny and weak creature. Sometimes we cannot control our emotion. We think we are in difficult situation but not everyone can understand us. Thus, we must keep calm in order to keep positivity and calm vibes among us.

Be at our best to have a good relationship with others. Being selfish gonna broke you down. Sooner or later.


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