Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Malaysia | Review

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Last weekend my family and I went to a short vacation to Port Dickson. At first seriously I dont have any idea which hotel we'll be checked in. Then my brother went first since he was the one who made the reservation. Then the rest of us arrived around 6pm. My brother just share the location to Lexis Hibiscus. During that 'terkocoh2' time I didnt manage to google what kind of place it'll gonna be. Is it a chalet, a room or anything. 

Once we arrived my mum said, "Waaah, macam Gold Coast laa" I was like, "Looks like Gold Coast?? Means??" Still blur at that time. After I parked the car and went into the lobby, yes now I know why the place name LEXIS HIBISCUS PORT DICKSON. It has on water room with hibiscus shape. Waahhh giler kentang~ Subhanallah!

like this.

So, after we unloaded our things, my brother asked us to wait for a buggy. There is no way you can walk to the room if like this. Boleh je nak jalan tapi pasti sesat. hahaha. Then after 10 minutes buggy ride we safely arrive to the room. Our room is at the style part of a hibiscus. According to the picture above, our room is exactly at the 'lekuk' in front of the fountain.

buggy ride
Here the interior of the room.

It has 2 king size beds with this kind of decoration. Banyakk bantal. Happy us! :D

This is the grooming part. 2 sinks are available there. pic from website

The middle one is the transparent mirror showing the sea below!

Our place has nice blue water. hehehe
The best part with this room it has it's own swimming pool!!

Deep: 1.2 meters

With sea panorama

Me and my sisters swam and berendam sampai kecut2 and it was sooooo cold with the sea breeze. Once going down, dont want to going out. Hahaha. Very privacy.

My nephew also had fun to the fullest!

a must bring item, Minkaffe :)

As for my review, I give 8/10 for this hotel. As for me, I would love Grand Lexis more because it has bigger room and bigger swimming pool. Hehehe. 

The price, you can choose well. So, check it out here ---> http://www.lexishibiscuspd.com/

It's nice for honeymoon and small family. Plan your end of year holiday here. It's worth it! in shaa ALLAH :D

5 comments on "Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Malaysia | Review"
  1. Teringin juga nak pergi sini. CAntik sangat nampak :)

    1. Memang sangat cantik taw Siqah. Highly recommended :)

  2. Klu xsilap lexis ni ade 2 bahagian, apartment&suite... Yg bagusnye kat sini 1 je ade pool private...;-)

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