Unboxing Box of Joy From LAZADA Online Revolution

Sunday, December 11, 2016
Hi all :)

I was expecting my order from Lazada since I was browsing like crazy during the 11.11 Lazada Online Revolution. My order come with a BOX of JOY from LAZADA. OMG! So sweet of you LAZADA! Here let me show you the amazing things inside the box of joy.

Taraaa!. :D

FOODIES and DRINKS! Makes my tummy calm and happy. Hahaha. When watching Maggi Oat Mee advertisement on TV, I am definitely gonna give a taste of this new range of maggi. Usually, time not allow me to go to shop often. Glad LAZADA gives me chance to have this NEW maggi range. Just click here and you can have this Oat Maggi :) 

While JUST MILK from Nestle is no need to introduce the goodness. Delicious and rich with full cream milk taste. Very suitable for you guys who always on the go and want to live fit and healthy, grab this healthy milk from here with FREE SHIPPING! :D

The green bag? From MILO OLA BOLA. You can have this spacious bag for FREE when you purchase variety range of MILO from here.

LAZADA can smell that I am a coffee lover. Such a NEW experience to try Pandan flavored coffee. This delicious coffee can be grab one click away here.

Are you sambal lover? Don't have blender at home? Don't have pastel and mortar? This manual chopper is your solution. Plus, you can have your sambal while travelling because it is really handy to carry. I love this manual chopper soo much! LAZADA provides variety of hand chopper. Choose based on your preference here. :)

Hungry and got no time to cook? Fret not, Foodpanda is ready to serve your favourite food in front of your door. Do email me (ainul_aqma@yahoo.com) to get RM10 discount from foodpanda.  Nice kannn? :D

Now whats for KIDS

The essential of baby wipe for mum while travelling. Baby wipe or wet tissue is a MUST BRING item when out from home. Glad that Mamypoko provide 99% pure water based. Obviously gentle for baby skin. I loikeee. Eh, it even come with fragrance like THIS one.

Well mummy and daddy who consider to give early food to their baby can choose Nutri Puffs from CERELAC. This BIG Nutrition for SMALL tummies is recommended by most parents in Malaysia. LACTOKID also a famous formula milk choose by parents. Thank you LAZADA , Mum now just one click away to buy the formula milk here. Hehehe. Cop! the bag is sooo cute! 

Waaaaa. Something for hair also included in the box! Can manja with my hair, kind of hair treatment at home.You can style your hair by using Dual Stylerz series. Soo cool!

When you want to snap a photo and suddenly your phone camera is not functioning due to no space, it such a frustrating. This Dual Drive m3.0 is a savior! Transfer your old pictures to desktop easily and enjoy the new space :D Where to get this awesome pieces? HERE!

See you can get almost everything at LAZADA!
Go their website now and have a blast with the endless SALE! :D


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