When It's Time To Move

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Dulu masa study aqma selalu berangan nak settle down area Shah Alam je. Macam dekat area  Puncak Perdana ke, Denai Alam ke, Bukit Jelutong ke..suka kawasan privacy kat situ. As for now my interest dah terjebak ke Kuala Lumpur pula. Mesti uols pusing kepala kenapa la aqma nak pindah KL kan? Sesak, taraf hidup tinggi and bla bla bla..

Well, lately aqma perasan yang KL is kind of my LUBUK REZEKI. I wanna conquer KL for my business. Like Fashion Valet conquering Bangsar and Pavillion and other main Asia Cities. Can't you see how awesome is that? :D

Alhamdulillah I would like to thank ALLAH for all His blessings for my business journey till today. I really wanna expand my business. As for my business, I would like to train more Premium Beautiful Expertssss and also guide them to be well trained online businesswoman. How cool is that sound right? Mostly my client are in Central area. I would love to use public transport from one point to another. Since I am not the one who can sit at one place for so long at one time, I guess public transport is suits me the best.

I really hope Malaysia's public transport especially subways/ trains will improve from time to time like in Seoul, Korea.

So, back to the topic. The location that come out in my mind is Ampang, Bangsar and Subang/PJ area. Since still single ni I dont mind to stay in 1 or 2 room apartment pun. Just for the time being. Well, cara hidup yang aqma bayangkan ni semuanya yang kat Seoul sana. Berangan much kan? Well, that's me. I am working on my dreams. I realising my dreams.

Soo cute!
pic: Google

this is the 1 room apartment I talked about.
Semestinya takboleh masak menumis sambal macam ni :/

However, all this moving plan will not gonna out soon. It just a plan. I still thankful to ALLAH that I can stay near to my parents. Parents are the best. Isn't they? I love my parents a lot!~


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