Seronoknya Jadi Onlineprenur! Office Suka Hati :D

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

What's up guys? Hari ni kelakar betul taw. Aqma ingat hari ni dah Jumaat tapi rupanya baru Khamis! What theee... Hahaha. Hari esok masih kena kerja la nampaknya. Teehee..

Well, the highlight of the topic is about the perks of working on your own or as an onlinepreneur. (Soon to be my full time career. Amiin~) One thing that I love being an onlinepreneur is I can work whenever I want as long as there are devices (laptop and smart phone) and internet available. I am a kind of person who loves to have variety in life. The same thing and the same place might get me bored and become less productive. That's why during my degree time, I usually finish my work in library or McD since that time Starbucks was not so in yet.

Since library is quite far from my place I mostly spend my time at the nearby cafe like Starbucks or McD. When doing my work in the cafe or library, I feel calm and a lot of ideas keep coming maybe due the the environment. Hehehe. Well, I stil love doing work at my work station but it will depends on my mood. Hahaha.

Another thing dapat cuci mata. Hahaha

Siapa yang sejenis suka kerja in flexible time and flexible place boleh join my team. Kita buat kerja relax and chill at the same time income masyukkk!!! At least RM1,000++ sebulan boleh dapat masuk akaun. Best kan?? :D

Cop2!! Uols student univ, blogger, kerja sepenuh masa, nak join my team? Do text me now at +60102534217. Jom buat duit raya GEMUK!!! :D

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