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Friday, March 24, 2017
Hi all :)

Korean beauty regime always surprise me with the new and latest skin tips. I love Korean beauty tips since it works wonder on my skin. Even I live in tropical country Malaysia, it helps a lot in keeping the moisture in my skin and makes my skin feel healthy.

While browsing my favourite Korean beauty in Youtube, I noticed there is NEW skin method that can help moist deep inside our skin by using toner. This tips called 7 SKIN METHOD.

This 7 Skin Method can be done after washing your face and apply it while at the toner step. It is basically applying your toner 7 times until it penetrate deep inside your skin. This method helps boosting the moisture level of the skin and keep the skin feel hydrate. The other name of 7 Skin Method is '7 Toner Method'. This is because in korean also called toner as skin.

Actually to apply this method, it is recommended to use essence toner. The usual toner that contained high percentage of alcohol might harsh and dry out the skin. You can use Korea's BEST Toner, KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

For the first layer, use the cotton pad and rub all around your face. The next 6 steps just directly dispense the essence toner on your palm. However, it is advisable to rub your palm first to increase the temperature and press on the skin.

Now you are ready to have a supple and glowing skin! :D Remember that this 7 Skin Method can be applied with selected essence toner only. Wondering how and where to get this amazing Klairs Supple Facial Toner? Do drop by at WISHTREND.COM and explore, select, create and enjoy the BEST products to help you beauty inside out!

Hope you will enjoy your NEW skin regime with 7 Skin Methods! Annyeong~~

P/s: Please do watch WISHTREND tv (check out their website HERE ) because they have super cute and very cheerful beauty instructor, Unnie Eunice :) I love her!


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  1. Nampak Korea terus tertarik. hihi. Tak dinafikan, Korea always come up with new beauty product kan. No wonder orang Korea cantik je. Kulit flawless :)



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