What Happen To 26? | #8

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

While slurping my not-so-hot plain green tea, some thoughts cross my mind. What actually had I achieved all these 26 years old in my life? What the 26 brings me? I can say that 2017 is a great improvement year for myself. My business going well, my business team is growing. I change to a new working shift (6am-3pm) the BEST SHIFT I must say, and meet new friends who love me too :) Alhamdulillah Syukur for all of that.

Still it such a long way to go. Another 4 months to end 2017. I still have a lot of things to catch up. Time is running way too fast!! sometimes sleep is just a choice. I dont know what to catch up first. I have to complete everything with flying colors within deadlines. Makes the one who supporting me all this while proud of me. I need them in my life, thus I have to pay them back with my success. In shaa ALLAH. 

I am a person who hunger for success. I want everything to be done with my hard work. I want to own a house, live my own, get married, a new laptop, a new apparel. Living like YUNA. Work, struggle to achieve success. She is my inspiration other than Vivy and my mum of course. My mum is woman of struggle. Everyone loves her! YA ALLAH how amazing your creature is! While working hard for my success, I need to be thankful on what I have now. Allah is THE GREATEST, ALLAH is the BEST PLANNER. ALLAH knows the BEST for me. In shaa ALLAH everything will come into pieces. 

So girls, be thankful and work hard! Work hard wont look you bad but makes you discover another side of yourself :)


2 comments on "What Happen To 26? | #8"
  1. Suka baca post akma lately ni.sangat penuh dgn misi dan visi

    1. MashaaALLAH Shera.. thanks a lot for your comment. Really made my day! :D
      All the best to you dear :)



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