How Matured Are You?

Saturday, October 7, 2017
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Salam Sabtu peeps! Topik entry kali ni macam berat je kan? How matured are you? As for me, maturity does not count in the matter of physical, does not count if you are married, does not if you are have few children. Maturity count in when you can think positive above negative. You can differentiate the good and bad.

Kadang-kadang budak yang umur awal 20-an dah berfikiran jauh macam orang umur 30-an. Umur pun tak memainkan peranan dalam menentukan kematangan seseorang. Especially in business world, you have to work professionally in order to sustain longer in your niche.

I respect how Calaqisya's sisters, Vivy Yusof (FV &,the dUCk grop) , Fazrena Aziz (Tudung People), Asma' Nasaruddin (Olloum) and others are supporting each other. Even they are in the same niche (fashion line) but still they uplifting each other. This is what we called MATURITY AND PROFESSIONAL.

Honestly, aqma pelik ada yang post negatif vibes pasal produk orang lain di media social. Why la nak burukkan bisnes orang lain when you actually you should focus on your business. So let's lift up each other and creat glory of success together. :)

Who wants create success with our team? Yasss!

2 comments on "How Matured Are You?"
  1. sha pelik jugak. semua nak viral skrg ni 😪 tambah tambah kalau benda -ve. follow sini 😘

    1. Kan?? apa la nak dihebohkan pasal biz orang lain? huhuhu
      btw, thanks follow :)



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