Time for Life Changing.

Thursday, March 29, 2018
I dont think I need to be at the same spot for a long time. As time flies my interest also slowly changing. I'm really looking forward to have a new and full of excitement life experience. I've found that I can't stay in a same routine for a long time. I love to move out from comfort zone and explore more meaningful life purpose.

Orang kata si kidal ni kreatif. It might be true. I may not talented in drawing but now I really love in writing, making artworks via various apps and making video (read: Vlogger, Subscribe my Youtube channel here). I want to express my interest in beauty, fashion and entrepreneurship to another level. I love to express myself in the way I dressed up, my instagram post, my flatlay and my writing. Be inspiration to others that life is full of colors. Not the same old aqma anymore.

I know all the things that I want to do need a lot of time. Alhamdulillah I have my back up plan ready. I 've found that being a Premium Beautiful Expert definitely make a way for my dream come true. I love to go to event and meet many successful people. Meet and make friends with various background of people will change the way I think. Everyone wants to achieve success despite of their education, career, family background and status. Their aim just one: to have SUCCESS in whatever their doing.

One thing that I like being Premium Beautiful Expert is I can meet a lot of people. I can share opportunity of improving life (including financial and time freedom) to other people. Women empower women. Other than that, I love to hear my clients said that "Now I can dressed up my baju raya from designer idaman." Amazing isn't it? :D Alhamdulillah~

In shaa ALLAH I'm gonna make my dream is a reality. A dream that definitely will change me a better person day by day :)

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