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Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Whadduppp asians? As an Asian based in Malaysia, CRAZY RICH ASIANS is such an anticipated movie of the year. It's a novel adapted movie. I've not read the novel yet.. Interesting part is I never watch the trailer before I watch the movie. The worst part in my inner self is I feel envy of the super lucky people who raised in SUPER RICH family. So I hold myself from watching the trailer. I dont want to hurt myself. Crappp!

Then I randomly joined a contest by theduckgroup and won the free ticket. However, the show time was not suit my schedule. I had to let go the ticket.

One fine night, my business gang asked me if I want to watch CRAZY RICH ASIANS with them but it's night showing! It was the night before Merdeka. Unfortunately, I was not on leave during the Merdeka Day. I'm working according to Hong Kong region. Oh mannn! It's already two times opportunity came to me to watch this movie. I thought there might be something I can gain from this movie. Luckily during the Merdeka day I just have training. So, no stress on working desk.

So, I said "I'm IN!" to my beloved gang. Bought 4 tickets and we watched at Dpulze, Cyberjaya.

Here my review on CRAZY RICH ASIANS.

Henry Golding was SUPER SUPER SUPERBBB in this movie! Skin, voice tone, build body all perfectttt! He was a perfect choice to play role as Nick Young. A lovely son and a caring boyfriend. 

The most character that I admired the most is ASTRID! Astrid is my inspiration! It's okay to marry someone who low rank than you as long as he loves, respects and always support whatever the wife wants to do. I believe women like Astrid really appreciate the man behind her success. I want to be like her. From her character, I learned that it's better to cry while wearing 1.2 millions earrings in your Bently instead of crying with empty pockets. Only dust. Huhuhu.

Gemma Chan as Astrid
The heroin plays such a big role in this movie. Rachel Chu has a thick skin and a goal getter. She focus on her goals even received tonnes of rejection. She knows that there is rainbow after silver lighting. She struggle in her life with her mother. It makes her stronger.

After all this movie is worth watching. I dont mind if people ask me to watch again because it makes me want to be rich like the Young's generation. SUPER DUPER rich till your 10th generation. I want to leave a legacy not bankruptcy. As an Asian, I believe that we can be super rich like the West nations too :)

I would like to express super gratitude and thank you to my beloved business gang to keep encourage me to watch this movie. Such a bless to have you guys around while watching this amazing movie. Let's create our EMPIRE together!


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