Posting Tengah Malam : 1st post in 2023

Sunday, January 29, 2023

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Okay people, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! Semoga 2023 lebih gembira, lebih cemerlang, lebih sukses dan terlebih cantik. It was late since it will enter February but I dont care.

There were LOTS of THING happened started 1st January 2023 membawa kepada almost end of January. Honestly January is a packed month for me. So now I'm writing on my blog since I cannot sleep due to my cough. I cough like no tomorrow weyyy... I cannot sleep since I cannot hold any longer to cough in my sleep. When I woke up takda pulak batuk macam sengsara gila. This for sure not related covid.. because when I got covid nothing like this la. Ni cuma badan terkejut sebab dah lama tak minggle dengan pelbagai manusia plus you cannot wear mask (at a time) then changes of climate lagi triggered lah. Nevermind, anggap je lah penghapus dosa yang menimbun tuh. Aaamiin.

I started my January 2023 to be exact 00:00 sleeping on the floor. Bhahahaha. I was so tired that time and cannot wait any longer to join the countdown moment sedar-sedar dah 1 pagi. Adeeehhhh. It's okay lah. It just a matter of countdown not effect the rest of the year pon. I took 3 days leave on the 1st week of January for a small vacation. Then working for 5 days and took another 10 days leave for my umrah. Terpaling gamble seyh... Awal tahun dah amik cuti panjang2. Mantap aqma~

Takpelah for the rest of the year kita work smart and hard lah. So that still can do my job properly and give out the best outcome. So 2023 ni my aim more on making money lah for sure. Awal tahun dah splurged money kaw2, so it's time to top up the money back. I dont feel like to spend on luxury things. I guess lah for now. But I got no money to spend on lah.... So I need to do side hustle lah.

I think I want to do side hustle which I dont have to think just use my energy macam tukang iron baju ke, tukang sapu, or cuci longkang. Eh tapi kerja personal shopper pun nice juga kan? Tukang belikan barang macam Lotus ke apa ke. Menarik ah.... okay lah nak search about that job. 

Till then... eh korang buat side hustle apa eh? Share can?

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