Another Old Wiser

Thursday, May 4, 2023

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Alhamdulillah for another blessing year of my life. I believe ALLAH is the BEST among the BESTEST. I felt gloomy, full of curiousity for few days. Kesian kawan2 saya kena baca curhat saya. Then the 'day' came. I dont feel really want to celebrate it. Since that day is weekend and Hari Raya, many people wish me and pray the best for me. I believe ALLAH will give the same for them. In shaa ALLAH.

I've getting silent treatment for quite sometime. I dont know for what reason. Deep in my heart I want to know 'WHY?' but deep in my mind 'No need to know because Allah is protecting you from hurting yourself'. Then I follow the second choice. A great choice I believe. I don't want to spend my energy in hurting my inner self. Nampak fizikal okay2 tapi jiwa kacau. I dont want that.

Always believe when there is hardship, there is ease. Allah blessing me with great family and friends. They are definitely 'insan dari sorga'. At some point we have to look at the bright side instead of keep thinking the issue. We might not able to control our emotion but if we syukur banyak2 pada ALLAH apa2 yang kita ada sekarang, definitely ALLAH will give more. Not really in material stuff but in good health, nice working environment, calm and peace of heart also ample time to perform ibadah. So many things to be grateful for.

Alhamdulillah for everything. Thank you ALLAH for distracting me from keep being curious unnecessary thing.

Amazing 2023 for me in shaa ALLAH.

Thanks a lot kawan belanja saya. Saya super terharu !

I've been eyeing to get something from CALVIN KLIEN. Asyik bukak tutup je website CK tuh. Tapi mengenangkan harga cekik jiwa takpe lah kita tutup je hasrat tu. Allah tu Maha Baik then ada orang belanja saya anything nak sila lah pilih. Terus lah saya ambil impian saya. :D

Thanks a lot for the present ! May ALLAH ease your life in dunya and jannah.

Then dapat surprise pulakkk. Mashaa ALLAH sweet sangat lah kawan2 saya. Sangat terharu !

Thank you ALLAH for blessing me with amazing life. I will appreciate it for the rest of my life.
Gonna live my life as a cool, chill person, less drama and more appreciate every little thing happen in my life. In shaa ALLAH :D

Till then.

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