Sunday, February 12, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Today I wanna share with you guys my favourite beauty youtuber a.k.a vlogger. There are like my daily dose of beauty vitamin for me. Overr kan? :P Seriously while watching their vlogs, it makes me want to improve my make up. my skincare routine and also my looks. Even they are not a celebrity they still look amazing in a modest way! There are tonnes of beauty youtubers in youtube but I choose them because of their contents.

So, here they are........................................


I've found out about Joan while I was searching the best Korean skincare before my trip to Seoul. She speaks English in her vlog. I dont feel like I'm watching a Korean vlog. Hahaha.

She also has her second channel called "Joanday" which will uploaded everyday. It's kind of daily vlogs. While I'm on my meal break in the office, I will watch her Joanday. It's kind of addicted you know!

So, here one of my favourite video.(click play button below) DRY SKIN routine since I have a dry skin. We are one Joan!

Oh ya, she is same age as me. Jealous of her achievement. Nvm, I'm going to be a successful blogger since writing is my forte. Amiin~ :D

2. EunniUnni

This woman is really something! She is sooo chic and full of energy. I've found about her from Joan obviously. She is working for Wishtrend TV and and Joan always shooting at Wishtrend studio, so that how the mutual of each other.

Oh yes! she is Korean but she speaks English too in her vlog. Hehehe
Please subscribe to her if you are really into beauty world.

Here one of my favourite video. Yes, she makes vlog too. Hahaha.

So, here are my 2 Favourite beauty youtubers so far. I will update more if I've found new youtubers that all of you can follow and grab some knowledge from them.

Have a good day everyone!
Enjoyyy~ :D



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    1. Best kan? Kak Sha boleh la cekidout youtube channel diorang nnt :)



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