4 MUST Have Items for Great Skin on Hari Raya

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Assalamualaikum and Hi all!

Firstly, I would like to wish a very BIG Thank You for all my beloved readers who visiting my blog. Thank you so much! Hope you can gain something while reading my blog. In shaa ALLAH.
*The rest of the entry will be mixed malay and english, if my international readers need clarification, do comment or email me ya :)*

Sempena raya yang semakin hampir tiba ni wanita2 dah mula shopping untuk baju raya. Begitu juga untuk penjagaan kulit. Takkan la baju dah meriah tapi muka kusam. At least a lil bit of make up to bright up your skin. Here are the items I use for my daily skin regime to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

1. Glutathione Nutri-Birdnest Soap  - My FAVOURITE facial soap ever! 
Glutathione Nutri-Birdnest Soap ak.a LOVE soap

Excuse the blurry of the picture. Taken from my poor ipod. Teehee. This love soap from CZA is highly recommended for ALL TYPE OF SKIN. Yes, all type of skin. If you have oily and acne skin, this love soap works VERY WELL on your skin and make your skin less oily and pimple reduce in 3 days!

In addition, this soap is highly enriched with Bird Nest protein and collagen. For your information, Bird Nest protein is the TOP 3 best collagen for human skin. Wow! No wonder it works very well on my skin. 

2. Birdnest BB Cream - My skin Protector! 

I am deeply in love with this amazing BB Cream. It has SPF 50PA++ for sunscreen and also work wonder to cover blemishes and scars. As you all know scars will not fade in ONE day. So, this BB Cream helps to cover and at the same time fading the scars. 

Plus, if you have an acne/pimples attack, this BB Cream can help to get rid of the pimple or in easy word "kecutkan jerawat". This is because it contains lemon which is the best antibacterial. While for dry skin, this BB Cream will not make the "capuk2" looking on your skin. It has aloe vera to maintain our skin hydrated. 

Oh yes, it is the sibling of GNBS, the love soap. So it also has Bird's Nest extract to keep our skin bouncy and looks younger! 

3. SILKYGIRL Lip Balm - The one for my lips 

SILKYGIRL Moisture Balm 

This Moisture Balm is one of my favourite. The color suits very nice on my lips. Not too bright and not too dull. It also long lasting and keep my lips moist :)

4. TONYMOLY Lovely Eyebrow Pencil - For my lovely eyes :) 

I am not a huge fan of eye make up. In fact I don't know how to wear make up on my eyes. Since I am a specky I dont think eyes make up will be important for me :P 

I bought this eyeliner in Korea. I just want to have a bit of touch up for my eyes. So, my friend suggest me this eyebrow pencil. It also has a brush like mascara. I dont know what it is for :P. It really suits me since I am very minimalist in make up. Teehee! It helps to make my eyes look darker and bright. 

So that's all about my MUST have item for great skin on Hari Raya. Best skin is with natural beauty and healthy inside and outside.

Me with a lil bit of make up. Of course not done by me :P

Would you mind to share what's your skin regime? Do drop me a comment pretty :)

Thank you for reading my entry :)
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