The Diamond Circle (TDC) Masquarade Dinner 2015

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

As what I have mentioned in previous post, my business team The Diamond Circle was held an annual dinner on last 21st November 2015 at Cyberjaya Community Club, Cyberjaya. The dinner's theme was masquarade. So, everyone should wear a mask as according to the theme. 

It was so fun! seriously! I was really enjoy the dinner. The food especially the cake is SUPER delicious! Let's see few pictures from our professional photographer, Hafiz Atan. 


Earlier, our company Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing had held Majlis Ulang Tahun-23 to celebrate all the highest achievers in the business. One of our team members had achieved her highest rank in the business. Congratulations CDM Norain Binti Mohd Nizar ! :)

CDM Norshaliza and CDM Norain
One of the reason I choose to be in this business is you can be as successful like your leader. As long as you FOLLOW whatever your leader had gone through. Senang kata TIRU je! Takda istilah leader kaya seorang, kalau anak didik tak menjadi leader pun tak menjadi juga. Serious! 

Them girls in mask!

The MCs, havoc giler diorang ni. fun!

I won the lucky draw. Yeay! (29 is my birthday date a.k.a my lucky number too!)

The CDMs in action! 

Me and my direct leader, CDM Norshaliza Aziz.
I am honoured to be part of The Diamond Circle. Thank you my beloved direct leader, CDM Shaliza Aziz for this awesome opportunity. So ladies, if you want to know how to have 5-6 figures monthly income EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY let's meet my awesome leader, grab knowledge and just DUPLICATE! :D 

My gifts! Seriously I got a lot of gifts from TDC Dinner 2015. Best sangat!!

TDC Cake. Red velvet cake. Delicious to the max! 

Alhamdulillah the dinner went super well with the games. lucky draw, best dress and etc. For your information the dinner not only for woman but also you can bring your loved ones. One of the reason to bring your loved one is to show them who are your business clan. Our business is clean. Nothing to hide. Just enjoy! 

So, for next year annual dinner I aim to bring a lot of my business partners. Who wants to join me in this awesome, easy and flexible business? Time waits for NO woman! Let's grab this opportunity NOW! Just text me your incredible name to +60102534217 and let's enjoy the ride together! :D 

Till then
Ainul Aqma
The Diamond Circle Fighter,

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