Review Semangkuk, Batang Benar Negeri Sembilan

Sunday, April 3, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Last Tuesday my parents, lil Adam and I went to this famous Cendol restaurant called Semangkuk at Batang Benar, Nilai Negeri Sembilan. Not so restaurant la kan. It's kind of zinc roof eating place.

The cendol is superb. Rich with the milky of coconut milk. I had Cendol Ais Krim.

Sedap! tapi kalau ada Vanilla Ice Cream lagi best~

Apart from cendol, I had Laksa Penang. The kuah was rich with fish flavour.

Another awesome thing about the laksa is the EGG! they give you one whole boiled egg!! Awesomee!

this lil boy want to have some too despite of his runny nose. Aiya.

Apart of having laksa and cendol my parents had this great Mee Bandung Muar (Tulang version). I'm not kind of meat lover so I just had the kuah only.

Oh ya, btw can you see the bowl itself for cendol? It use coconut shell! a.k.a tempurung kelapa. What an awesome idea ! Oh ya, the Mee Bandung portion is quite A LOT.

So, that's all my review. If you got confuse how to get to Semangkuk, you can just drop me an email and help you by showing some landmarks or something.

Till then,
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