#theklduck madness

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Ohhhemmgeeee! The klduck is launching today with various of colours! Ohmaiiigod! As I missed the online battle, I chose to go for qeueing up at the store. Since I want to look other Fashion Valet items so I went to FV Store in Bangsar.

I am really looking to the KL duck version. It brings patriotism spirit close to the heart since the Independence Day is coming nearer. You will feel proud of your own country with the KL duck version. Plus, KL was my place of birth. *hello Bulatan Pahang!*

So, there are 7 colours of KL Duck version this time.

1. Black

2. White

3. Deep blue

4. Grey/Silver

5. Olive

6. Ash blue

duckscarves klduck

7. Maroon

duckscarves klduck

I wish to have the silver one. However, I lost to the online battle :( So, deep blue gonna be my choice :) Blue makes me look fair and white. Hahahaha

So, what's your klduck favourite color? May ALLAH give me a lot of cash money in my bank account so that I can buy the Silver once they restock. Amiin~

-photo courtesy of @theduckgroup instagram-

p/s: Dear dUCkies, chill! there gonna be restock soon. D knows us best. :D
1 comment on "#theklduck madness"
  1. Siqah suka yang grey jugak! Nak order yang tu tapi tak tahu bila dia restock kan.. Huhu.. Suka design duck yang ni!



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