I Cried.

Thursday, February 22, 2018
I know this post not suppose to be written up here. I believe many will think that this is an immature side of me. Well, I just want to be at the deepest down of me. As some people know that I am rooting for BIG BANG for such a long time. I have another side of my thoughts on Kpop. Not just enjoy the song with nothing. I root for BIG BANG since this group is produced from a well known entertainment company. YG. 

I dont hear or adore any  Kpop songs other than BIG BANG. At one point, their songs are kind of my friends while others dissed me. Well, now they have to slow a bit since they have to attend the military thinggy. I cried when my bias, Choi Seung Hyun (TOP) was listed as the first one to go to the military program. I feel lost a bit. Don't worry I have GOD. I know the limit.

Then, I noticed a comeback from YG rookie artist called iKON. I hate that they won the rookie award that year. *forgot what year already* . Accidentally heard their title track song, "Love Scenario" in Youtube. Might be the crawler did their job since iKON is from YG same as BIG BANG, their senior. Their songs keep lingering in me.

iKON. Congrats on your comeback
As a highly curious person, I searched about them a lot! Their route to debut was not a flowery path. One of the member is a Korean-American. He flew from US to Seoul to make his dream a reality. He left his family in Virginia for years. The Korean trend to be an artist is not same in Malaysia. If you want to sing a masterpiece song, you have to make it YOURSELF! With collaboration of amazing composers. Then, you will win your fans' heart with songs and dance. What I like about YG, they dont choose look to be their artist but talent first.

They are trainee for few years then selected to be participated in audition competition among the trainees. They struggle like no tomorrow to win the competition. To win the heart of fans and juries.  They training, training, training and training. It was not take a month or two but 6 months!!! OMG.. can you imagine if you lose? You already a step to achieve your dream as a SINGER, as a PERFORMER. But if you lack even a bit, you will lost.

I watched their struggle days in Youtube and that's it. I have to build my success with struggle at the FULLEST!! I have my own dreams too. I want to make my family proud of me. I want to be an artist of my business too. I want to be the face of my business, my career. I want to have an EXTRA ORDINARY life because I know I can. I know I have the kudrat to achieve my dream if I work hard on it. The tears, sweats, hurt, pride being torn are the MUST HAVE items to achieve success.

From there, I have to keep iKON spirit in me. I want to wear fancy clothes too! I want to have Gentle Monster shades too! I want to have a GIVENCHY bag too! I want to have a sweet house facing KLCC too! *while in Korean facing Han River is a blessed* I want to be invited to PRADA event too! I want to travel around the world too!

Knowing GIVENCHY from him, GDragon of BIGBANG
That's why I choose to have different path from others. I choose to hustle because I want to have different life. An AMAZING life in shaa ALLAH. I am a BIG DREAMER. I am a HUSTLER! Such a long post I can say. I have to spill it out. Let iKON be your spirit to success even they are your younger brothers! Don't question about my dream to umrah or hajj. It's not a DREAM but A MUST! In shaa ALLAH by 2022. 
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