BTS: Love Yourself

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

It has been few weeks I've not updated anything here in my lovely blog. I've been away immersing myself with so many unexpected things. Things that are full of blessed and bad ass. However, I look everything in a positive way. I hope everything gonna be alright as time goes by. In shaa ALLAH :) Remember I have ALLAH to help me sort out everything from empty hole to shining gold? I believe He tested me to show how strong I am believing with my own self potential.

At the same time I also had some trouble with my beloved laptop. Biasa la benda dah season ada la sikit benda2 yang slack. Huhuhu. Now dah sihat sikit. Aqma pun cekadak juga sebab kalau laptop problem mula la cik M tu singgah. Ish2. Go away cik M! I hate youuu..

Another thing that bother me is now I need to work + over time. I am cracking my head investigating for straight 9-10 hours. Bila balik kerja rasa penat teramat sangat. Walaupun kerja dalam aircond, duduk depan PC je tapi otak ni kerja bagai nak gila. Of course my jari jemari yang sangat lah laju nak menaip narrative untuk hasil investigation. Hal duit orang ni kita tak boleh buat main sebab tersalah titik, kosong or sen pun boleh jadi hal. Kadang-kadang orang tak faham my job yang risiko tinggi gila. Salah narrate abes la panas telinga dengan boss or mata berapi je baca error from auditor. Mesti korang curious aqma kerja apa kan? Hehehe. Cukup la aqma share that I'm involved with currency and brain. Hahaha. Yes. I am working with my brain so hard. I compress my brain's muscles so hard. Pastu mula la lapar tak keruan. Thank you ALLAH for giving idea to the one who invented Set Kombo Kurus. Bila lapar amik SKK sebab memang tak sempat makan especially lunch. Lunch time adalah masa untuk solat. #adultinghard

Here the video how I am making my beloved protein shake for breakfast :)

Honestly, I am not complaining about my work. It makes me realized to appreciate money more. Bhahaha. Penat-penat kerja kena la hargai duit yang masuk. Hahaha. I am blessed with boss & colleagues yang supportive gila-gila! Like seriously memahami bila diri ni tak boleh complete the tasks.

Then, another thing is about my beloved k-pop crush. Hahaha. Aqma dan K-pop masih bersama. Walaupun BIGBANG kebanyakan di military, now I'm moving my bias to BTS. Album Love Yourself really close to me. The lyrics is not loving other people or lover, it all about loving ourself. We need to love ourself first before loving other people. "You can't stop me loving myself." "I am the one I should love in this world", "It's okay, I am loving myself". Sounds funny but it gives spirit and inspiration for me to live my life to the fullest. Alhamdulillah.

Of course I will not forget about my business. That's my beloved passion. I will never let my hope and dream to be a successful entrepreneur just dust like that. I'm gonna make it a real thing. I am a millionaire in the making in shaa ALLAH. Maybe the road that I'm taking is quite hard or berbatu-berlopak air sikit. So I need to be patient to reach the destination. Jalan tu ada cuma kena sabar dan bijak pilih laluan yang mana :)

My MASTER dah nak habis daaaaa... Tak sabarrr ! :D

Till then,
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