MySyukurStory #3 | I feel REFRESHED !

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)
I was been away from the hussle of internet life. I've been internet-less for 2 days. That 2 days was such a bless day for me. I feel so fresh cause I dont have to deal with toxic energy in social media. I dont have to feel insecure about myself. I just being ME. The one who I missed the most. Being myself.

Sometime we need to refresh ourself from something that always distract us. Tak semestinya kena pergi travel jauh2. Cukup kita and diri kita sahaja and of course with the presence of ALLAH. Bila kita percaya diri sendiri, benda lain jadi smooth jaa.. especially inner side. You dont have to be insecure or whatsoever. Just you, yourself :)

4 comments on "MySyukurStory #3 | I feel REFRESHED !"
  1. betul. bila bebas dr internet rs mcm banyak je masa. sy penah try 3 hari tanpa internet o pegang hp. sy rs weekedns sy panjang n lama sangattt

  2. p/s terima kasih krn msk kn blog sy dlm bloglist aqma...oh ya sy dah follow ya sblm ni

  3. Agreed sangat. Pena rase mcm tu. Asingkn diri Dr socmed for one day,lps tu rase fresh. Tu br sari. Hahhaha. Btw sy follower br, jmpt follow my blog.

  4. belum mampu bebas dari internet lagi. wakakaka..



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