So, it's the last lap

Saturday, December 14, 2019
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Have a blast weekend everyone. Finally 2019 is going towards the end within less than 2 weeks.

amik mood winter :P
At the same time my battle towards my postgraduate study also come to the end. So, it's the last lap now. I've spend lots of money in order to complete my study. I've found it hard to focus when I'm doing my work at home, hence I always do my work at cafe. In my mind, tak pelah ada hikmah semua ni. The study will give you benefit with abundance of knowledge. Only Allah knows the hard and struggle that I'm facing through my study journey. It may not easy as it seems but I try so hard to complete and finish it. Thank you ALLAH for lending me your strength to me. Alhamdulillah.

Actually at first I didnt think that the road that I've taken for my study journey could be this bumpy. Sure everyone nak smooth journey in whatever they are doing right? However, I always positive kan my mind and soul. Trust with ALLAH's plan and get ready to receive abundance of knowledge which will benefit me in so many ways. Well, expect the unexpected.

One of my strength to complete my study is my supervisor. My super supportive and amazing supervisor. I just cant thank her enough for always look at the bright side despite all the alasan that I've given while postponed my progress and all. She once expected that I gave up to complete my study but when I said I want to continue, she super happy and said to me, "It just a little step closer to the end. Come on!" That's why I didn't talk too much about my study to other people including my family cause not so many people can understand what I'm facing on while completing my study. Only yang pernah hadap je faham :)

Maybe this is my last lepaking study at Starbucks or cafe. Tak sabar nak on track business balik. I have to pause sekejap my business cause I need to focus on my project writing and presentation. Then dah boleh focus balik on my content writing project and business. So many things nak achieve and buat in 2020. In shaa Allah.. 

Dear readers, kindly pray for my success ya. Semoga aqma boleh convo in November 2020. Amiin~

Thanks a lot for reading my postgraduate study story :)

2 comments on "So, it's the last lap"
  1. As I see, you have got a lot of experience. I think that this is cool, if you can visit such places. I am convinced that you have got a lot of emotions.

  2. We are very glad to be here today and to read your published article here! Visiting Starbucks is exciting! Keep it up, sir!



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