What a blessed Friday !

Saturday, December 21, 2019
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

As of today I've deactivated my Facebook account at the moment. I just can't not to scroll my social media account. I just cant help myself to be patient to have what other people have. Well, keep it aside. The important thing here is I want to share my blessed Friday (21/12/2019) !
MashaALLAH, honestly my journey towards my end of postgraduate still a rough road even at the last mile. I even took a day leave cause I planned to submit my project to the faculty office. However, something happen to my laptop. Ya ALLAH I cant even my open my laptop at all. I was a bit panic but as always I still remain calm and pray for ALLAH's miracle. I always believe in ALLAH miracle cause ALLAH can do whatever He wants lagi-lagi bila hambaNya merayu. In shaa ALLAH ada sinar. Yang penting sabar and doa :)

Okay bila dah gelabah part laptop auto shut down tu menggagau la cari kawan2 terdekat yang ada laptop. Lepas sorang-sorang kawan ku roger2, dapat la member sorang ni. Kawan sejak 24 tahun yang lalu. Kawan till jannah sorang nih. In shaa ALLAH.. tapi laptop anak buah dia who also the same age as us. Gigih la aku pergi rumah mak kawan aku nih nak meminjam laptop anak buah dia. It was hilarious ! I just can only say Alhamdulillah non stop sebab ALLAH bagi laluan mudah sangat2. Then after got the laptop, the word seems not functioning very well. tapi glad lah still laptop tu boleh on. Hence, I choose to edit my work through Google docs je. Alhamdulillah thank you technology !

After few thoughts, I need to use Microsoft word juga nih. Then I went to a cyber cafe nearby. Unfortunately no microsoft installed cause it was gamers spot. Another challenge hit me. Ya ALLAH.. during that time it was already 13:50. I need to send before 17:00 !!! Mana nak cekau laptop ni? Lepas tu I just google sewa laptop and teringat kedai repair laptop that I used to send my laptop bila rosak. I texted the number and the owner replied "ada sewa laptop" then senyap after I asked about the fee.. Masa tu it was already 14:00 !!! Bila masa nak edit bila masa nak print and bila masa nak shoot to Uni nih?? I just pray to ALLAH to ease my way and give me miracle. I need miracle from ALLAH. Then I bravde myself to go to the shop and tanya nak sewa laptop. Glad the owner ada kat kedai tu. After tanya2 all my usage for what and what application I need to use, the owner said "Ada laptop boleh pinjam. Pakai je la dulu.." When I asked about the price, the owner said "Takpe pakai laaa.. nanti isnin pulangkan tak pe" Subhanallah.. orang baik2 ni memang wujud ye sahabat. In shaa ALLAH bila kita nak buat benda baik ALLAH lorongkan jalan dan datangkan orang baik2 untuk kita. Here, I'm using the loaned laptop to write this thankful post :)

After I got the laptop it was already 15:30. Yesss!!! I was fighting with timeeee!! I went back to Mesamall and straight to the Coffee Bean. I need to edit my work ASAP!! Then I've found out banyak lagi benda kena setel and few things still incomplete and it was 16:00 already. Sis rasa nak nanges. Tapi sis acah2 tabah cause I still believe in ALLAH's miracle. Before that around 15:45 I emailed my coordinator to postpone my submission. Until I berserah to submit the cincai one, received email from my coordinator that I can send on Monday. Ya ALLAH lagi benda awesome berlaku hari nih! The sweetness of asking. "If tanya 50/50 dapat atau tak. If tak tanya confirm TAK DAPAT!" Haaa dah jadi motto hidup pulak. :P

Disebalik berserah nak hantar benda cincai tu, I've sent out email to the print shop to print out my project. Then, bila I went to the shop, I wrongly sent email. They didnt print anything cause they didnt receive any attachment. Ya ALLAH.. Allah bantu lagiii!! Selamat duit sis~ 

Thank you ALLAH bantu aku banyak sangat hari ni. Allah, You are the BEST! 

2 comments on "What a blessed Friday !"
  1. What a blessed Friday! You enjoyed this excellent day and we are happy for you! May God Bless you! Keep it up and share your latest news with us!

  2. What a wonderful Friday fulfilled with fresh news and even more! This is the day which should be unforgettable for you and your relatives!



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