From Allah we came, to ALLAH we return.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 Assalamualaikum and hi all.

Just a lil bit of note regarding on what's happened in my life. It has been a while I am not updating here. Sesungguhnya masa sangat2 mencemburui kita sang manusia.

On 14th November 2020 (Saturday) was the date that I will remember till my last breath.

The date that I was informed my beloved dad passed away. Al fatihah.

Aqma nak tulis kronologi kesedihan ini diblog kesayangan supaya dapat remind balik moment2 debaran itu.


5.00 pm: Doc called my brother to come to hospital. Something happened to my dad. It was informed my dad fell down, unconscious and broken his teeth.

5.30pm: My brother and mother arrived hospital. My dad ditidurkan. My mum back and forth from ward to tempat menunggu. Then my dad was brought to CCU.

9.45pm: My brother and mother arrived home cause Doctor said "Balik dlu, apa2 kami call"

10:30pm: I got a call from hospital and ask for my siblings and mother to come to hospital urgently.

11.00pm: Arrived hospital and straight to CCU ward. Met doc in charge. Then she said, "We've tried by doing multiple times of CPR and still no respond. Jadi, ayah dah meninggal la..boleh tengok lepas kami bersih2kan."

14/11/2020 - 15/11/2020

11.05pm - 01.00am: Accompanied my late dad at CCU while waiting for forensic team to come and collect the body to mortuary. Also got to touch, kiss and recite yassin to him.

01.20am - 3:30am: Waiting for mandi jenazah & kafan to be done.

4.00am: Arrived home also my dad.

6:10am: Solat jenazah was done by family and orang masjid.

8.50am: Got a chance to give last kiss to my dad and ready to be brought to grave.

9.00am: Proses kebumi was done and it was very easy and fast one. alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah I must say the process was so fast and easy with bantuan ALLAH SWT. I dont know what happen till the last breath of ayah. But after all, I just very thankful to ALLAH cause I got lots of chance and time to take care of my dad while he was sick. I am proud and syukur jadi anak ayah sebab ayah kuat semangat dan sangat sayang anak2.

Ayah selfie, ayah pandai whatsapp while he was hospitalised. Glad ALLAH bagi chance pada ayah untuk semua tu. At least dapat communicate dikala musim covid ni since tak boleh melawat kat hospital. Also thanks to the nurses and doctors who always give the best to my dad. Thank you my friend who also the nurse there to keep my dad happy. At least ada kenangan gambar last a day before ayah pergi. I love you ayah.

It's okay ayah. Ayah rest well.

All your children will always pray for you in the "next" journey.

May ALLAH bless you. Amiin~

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