Hi 2021

Sunday, January 24, 2021

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Just wanna say happy 2021.

Welcome 2021.

May ALLAH showers me a lot of blessing and ultimate guidance to be in this world.

Allah is all I can trust now. In so many hardships or joys always ALLAH comes first. In shaa ALLAH. I dont know why my laptop's keyboard sound so bising a bit and annoyed me. See,,, merungut pulak aqma nih. Cubit kang nak? insaf lah aqma.

So I just wanna share my goals for 2021:

- weight 6* kg by 1/3/2021

- achieved sales of SHOM at least RM10,000 every month.

- have at least 2 new agents from each negeri every month

- lead and grow my team faithfully

- grow my income to 5figures monthly

- grow my anak2 team business' income to 5 figures monthly

- manage time SUPER DUPER WELL

- do my office job within 9 hours during the day

- always cook at home especially healthy food

- exercise regularly

- do promote my business CONSISTENTLY 

- bought a GUCCI wallet and handbag

- settle my hutang piutang

- improve my ibadah solat, puasa, mengaji and all 

Good luck aqma! 

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