The Pain Was Beyond Expectation

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Here come the 2nd day of my "23 Days Blogging Challenge". Alhamdulillah.. :)

Also alhamdulillah it's 8th Ramadhan already. The time flies really fast. 

So here what happened to me yesterday when I was working. Around 3pm my head was spinning around and in PAIN. I dont have any migraine and so on but the pain is unbearable. So lucky I was working at home so I got to lay down on my bed for awhile.

Ya ALLAH macam ni rupanya orang sakit kepala.

So here another story of reflection. This is about husnuzon. To look at positive side in everything especially in this holy month of Ramadhan. I don't like people to talk bad about another person to me. Takda la nak tunjuk baik sangat tapi lebih2 lagi pasal tempat cari makan. 

I've been there where almost everyday mesti ada cerita kutuk mengutuk dalam circle office tu. Lama2 makan diri and I cannot stand that situation anymore and I resigned. It's normal to have something that we do not satisfied since we are human after all. Entahlah maybe because I've been trained by my father to not cakap buruk pasal orang. Stop comparing what destined to you with others. My dad paling pantang if orang cakap buruk pasal orang lain. Contoh macam nak cakap "eh dia tu bla bla bla...." then my dad will said, "Can you drop and change the topic?" Direct je my dad ni kalau dia tak suka tu. Huhuhu.

Btw, kesian my mum ajak pergi kedai perabot today. But Monday and Tuesday are crucial days to me. Sorry mum, "Monday and Tuesday rasa nak terbalik dunia dia punya busy tu. Nak pergi tandas pun kalau boleh hold, hold dlu. :/"

Sekian my story. May we bring the best for our 2nd week of Ramadhan. In shaa ALLAH.

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    1. anum.. thank you singgah my blog. baca la my cerita2 sepanjang 23DaysBloggingChallenge ni :)



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