Just a small gift

Monday, April 19, 2021

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

It has been awhile I've been writing something here. Alhamdulillah it's already 7th Ramdhan 1477H (2021).

I just want to share my gratitude towards a person who really have a special spot in my heart.

I've known this person in less than a year and only met twice. Due to pandemic we just communicate via whatsapp. I believe this person is a great and nice person. 

During my down days, this person always try hard to comfort me, to make me feel ease and always make me want to do better. This person always try to make sure I'm in a good condition.

Even we don't have any special relationship anymore (colleague, ex school mate, etc..) but we can "clicked" just like that. I am thankful to Allah to let me know this amazing person. I will never let this person hear or know bad things about me.

I will always show the best of me and proof to this person that I'm as per this person expected. I never know a stranger can be a good friend to me. I pray to ALLAH to protect this soul and their family from harm, danger or disease. Allahumma Amiin. In shaa ALLAH.

So for this Ramadhan I want to do something to cheer this person up.

I don't know what will make this person happy. I don't know what this person like, dislike. So I just gave this hamper and hope can be shared the goodness to others. In shaa ALLAH. :)

Never feel bad if we need to spend extra to make other people happy because only BELIEVE that only ALLAH can make us happy. ONLY FROM ALLAH and never put hope on human or other things. Only to ALLAH. In shaa ALLAH, the God will give good people around you who will make you happy inside out.

Oh btw, I think I will make a daily blog post till raya. In shaa ALLAH.

I want to share full story what happen in my daily life, the happiness, goodness, sadness in this blog. So, 23 Days Blogging Challenge is ON !

See ya !

Till next post :)

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