My Wishlist When The C* GONE

Sunday, August 29, 2021

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Yes it has been awhile I'm talking about wish list. Since the pandemic strike, I don't have any specific spectacular wish list. I just live my life as it could be. Nothing fancy but of course keeping my health condition at the top level. I have a toddler and parent living with me. So yeah health is the TOP priority. 

Some people said it's rude to talk about wish list during this pandemic. Many people are suffering and affected. So I'm letting my blog knows instead of sharing in social media. Here it goes.....

1. Visit my relatives

I am not really close with my relatives but since my father passed away, I feel extra worry and love towards my grandmother. My grandmother sure feel so lonely because her one and only son no longer can hug and visit her. 

My mother said, as a grandchild I should play the role to take care of my grandma. My grandma can "lepas rindu" when seeing my siblings face cause of course we have a bit of my father's looks and DNA :)

2. Cafe Hopping

Lately in Malaysia lots lots lots of cute cafe were born. I want to visit them and try their drinks also some cookies. Chilling and chit chat with my friends.

I'm not a dessert or hardcore coffee lover but I need caffeine to stay insane. Hahahaha.

3. Seoul for 4th, Jeju for the 1st

But this time I don't think I will stay in Seoul for long, I think I want to go to Jeju Island. 

There is one cafe that I want to visit from youtuber "Latte Papa".  I dont know what is the exact name of the cafe but nevermind I will try to find out later.

Obviously during this trip I want to go to MANY MANY cute and instagram worthy cafe in Seoul. Skincare make up is  A MUST. GENTLE MONSTER also is A MUST. Sila simpan duit bebanyak lah aqma!

4. Perform umrah

It's gonna be a blessing if I can perform umrah again with my mum. In shaa ALLAH. Aim for business class so my mum can sit and lie down comfortably during the long flight. Of course hotel that near to masjid for my mum.

5. Go to Taiwan

Their street food is another level mehhhh. Also the night life is quite interesting there. I dont have any information about Taiwan yet. Will do some study about best places to visit in Taiwan.

Here are my 5 wish list after the pandemic recovered.

Stay safe everyone! 

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