2022 Wishlist

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

It's already half of the year. Alhamdulillah some of my wishlist are checked! 

Actually I've found that I dont really have exact focus or target in 2022. Maybe if I'm writing here it can spark myself to have some goals this year.

Let's divide with some categories. Self development, spiritual, materials, lifestyle.


As for self development I'm would love to explore my potential in giving training and doing presentations. I always being a reserved person and follow the flow. Well I think it's time to step up and grow my potential.

Other than that I want to get into a healthy relationship. (ada L yang single keeee?)


While in spiritual wise as always I'm looking forward to become the best slave of Allah SWT. This Ramadhan really a great month for me to improve my ibadah. There are so many ibadah that we can do even small one can give a great impact. In shaa ALLAH. The most important one is consistent.

I am now trying to keep on reading Surah Al-Waqiah everyday unless it's time for me  ABC. Surah Al-Waqiah gives a lot of impactful event in my life. I can feel it and I can see it. If we read surah Al-Waqiah everyday and put hope in ALLAH, just trust me ALLAH will give you multiple of goodness in His own way.

Of course umrah is in my bucket list!

I want to perform umrah before travel around the world again. Seems belanja for Korea very expensive now so better lah dah alang2 mahal we go for something good for akhirat worthy first.


As for this I have a lot ! biasa lah perempuan macam2 nak masuk wishlist dia but this time I would like to share my material goal is BTS merchandise !!! I have to plan my money/financial wisely because the merchandise are expensive. IN THEE SOOP pop up store is opening soon in PJ so I have to allocate/ make additional money for this.

Alhamdulillah for handbag I chose LONGCHAMP this year. Kali ni nak bag yang senang campak2 senang bawa kemana2 and still exclusive in my heart.

Next designed handbag still not decided yet. Dasar duit pun kena kumpul dulu so it takes lots of time which one to buy. As for now I'm eyeing on GUCCI and BALENCIAGA. Soon CHANEL maybe? Tapi mesti mak gue akan bising "duit beli handbag tu buat pergi umrah, belanja kawen lagi elok. Bag beli murah takpe boleh tukar2 ganti........"

Sorry BTS, I still not open my heart to support LV yet, I support you guys punya merchandise kayyy...

As for gadget, I want smart watch tapi still just about 40% je since bukan jenis keluar/ pakai jam sangat. Aaaa ottokeh? it's okay istikharah first.

Next is perfume collection. As time goes by now I love to wear perfume even at home. Now I'm fall in love with BY REDO. Next I wanna try CHANEL No 5.   *yeke aqma,,, tapi kalau dah dasar suka 1 brand it hard for me to change.*


Alhamdulillah I've lost around 3kgs so far. I dropped the in front number. Let's focus till I get in 50's within this year.

I started finding the best way for me to loose weight. Alhamdulillah.

I also want to add on my muslimah friendly clothes. Add on more kaftan, beli inner yang selesa. More loose pants. I do feel insecure when wearing some kind of loose clothes especially pants but I have to lah. I want to wear something that please ALLAH not my eyes, not other people eyes. in shaa ALLAH.

So FEAR OF GOD's tshirt let's go.... tiberrr.

Well, I feel so relieved after writing my wishlist here. I believe everyone should set their own goals and wishlist because DREAMING IS FREE....

May ALLAH ease our dream come true~ 

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