MySyukurStory #1 | Childhood Friends

Sunday, July 7, 2019
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

Hi July 2019! It has been a half of 2019 already. In shaa ALLAH will try harder to write more in this space. I love writing cause I think this is the only space for me to spill everything without thinking what other people think about me. :)

So for July 2019 I am planning to share my syukur story. I want to create positive and grateful vibes. Good things will come when we choose to focus on positive things. In shaa ALLAH. Hence no complaints, just thankfulness and appreciate every single thing in our life. Sometime we missed out the small event in our life and only expect the big one to happen. A great person said that, "How can we appreciate a big event if we dont even feel grateful with small event. Actually small event is the missing pieces to the big one."

As for the first My Syukur Story is I would like to share how appreciate I am to have such a great childhood friends. Been known them since I was 5 or 6. They are amazing from small till now. Even some of them got married already but our friendship remained amazing. I just love them from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I feel that I dont have a clique of friends. I dont have friends to mingle with every weekend. But somehow I just realize that I have them. Clean and healthy friendship. No drama and all. If there is drama, we handle it properly and full of love. (dah macam pasangan suami isteri. hiks!)

Alhamdulillah thanks to ALLAH to make our raya gathering a real thing. No need to have a fancy meal or fancy place just visit our parents really made our day feel amazing. Of course there always different story at every home. Sometimes the story continuing from one house to another :P

First house was rumah Hani. We love chilling at Hani's house and got free henna too! Of course it such a blessing to have a friend who is a henna artist. We also had spaghetti goreng at Hani's place.  You guys can have a look at her henna artworks here. Instagram : INAIBYHANIE

After Zohor we headed to next house. It's Dilla's house. Here we ate a lot! Thanks to Hanie served simple dish cause we had a lot at Dilla's house. Ya Allah.. from bihun soup with meatball to white rice with many kind of lauk such as udang masak sambal, sayur campur, also free rempeyek some more. Thanks a lot to Dilla's mum for welcoming us with variety of food. Alhamdulillah :)

bekalan rempeyek sorang satu :)
Of course posing where lighting on point. From left: me, niza, hani
Then next house was to Intan's place. This girl got married already so cannot join us cause she had something to attend on her family side. Luckily her family were having an open house, so we just met there and have another round of food madness. Alhamdulillah. Variety of air balang at Intan's house. Ya Allah kenyang gilaaa. Feel bloated already due to the drinks. :D

In front from right: Intan, me and Dila
Too full. Too much laughs. Too many stories to be exchanged. Next to Niza's place. This time. We just managed to go till Niza's house only cause it's almost maghrib already. Padahal just 5km maximum from one house to another. We are geng sekampung gituuu~

Punyalah tak sempat, just captured in the car

Thanks a lot Niza for the amazing homemade pizza and brownies. Soo kind of you to wake up early just to make the menu for us. Then after Niza's house, I just dropped by my house for awhile just for Hani and Dilla to salam my mum who were doing some house chore outside the house. Well, my house and Niza's house just few meters away. Yes. we are neighbours :)

After all it was a successful event. Alhamdulillah thank you ALLAH for giving me such a great friends who always there for me through high and hell water. May ALLAH gives them a lot of barakah and successful in life. Amiin~


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