Lost 7 kg in less than 10 days !

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Assalamualaikum and hi all :)

For your information I just had 9 days left to be at my divas the vogue state. I need to loose at least 7 kg in 9 days!! Sounds sooo absurd and I might kill myself due to starving.. But hey, I need to COMMIT on what I've said.

I must keep calm and drink a lot of water instead of muching stupid things. I am only allowed fresh fruits and vegetables in my tummy. Else on plain water. I have to ! I need to ! I want to travel in style. In NEW me !.

Good luck aqma.
The 9 days starts NOW !!!

I'm trying Ailee's weight loss plan guyss..
Only eat 500 calories per day. I know it dangerous but I'm craving for weight loss NOW!!

So, back off syaitan penghasut kegemukan!!!

The lovable Aqma <3
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