Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :) 

So this post I dedicated to my current favourite boy band, BTS.

Oh myyy BTS has been known worldwide now with variety of achievement. Definitely 2020 is kind of their year despite of the COVID-19. 

Glad that Malaysia still release the latest BTS' movie, BREAK THE SILENCE PERSONA. Now the cinema is open for public but obviously with strict SOP. We must wear mask in the cinema, we must sit at the allocated seat which has distance.

Of course at the entrance, it was a strict SOP such as checking temperature and scan QR code. Alhamdulillah and thank you cinema's staff for your hardwork.

I was early on the day I booked my ticket. I chose on workday cause I dont want to clash with school kids. I believe it will be hilarious and no social distance since many people will watch the movie.

I booked on the day the movie was released which was on 10th September 2020.

As per expected not so many kids at the waiting area. The school kids still go to school which for me less people is better cause I want to make sure I'm at a place which can practice social distancing. #kitajagakita. 

As usual for this kind of movie I went alone. I dont want to mess other people's schedule in order to satisfy my interest. I prefer to go alone. Surprisingly I met new people and new friends at the waiting area. I am so happy to see other ARMY. I just smile at them and very shy to say hello. :P

I just stand at the side and took few photo of BTS' backdrop. Halah halah halah. But then I found the courage to ask one of the people there to take my photo at the backdrop. Alhamdulillah, there was a nice girl who say "Sure.." and even asked me to pose. Hihihi. Sempoiii...

Masa malu2 lagi.hek!

Dah ada kekuatan. Ecehh!

While waiting for the hall to open, it was nice young lady asked around including me, "Tengok BTS ke?" I said "Aah".. Then she said "Here a gift (photocard) and candies (which loved by BTS)." Weyhhh gila cool ARMY tegar ni ya. I never thought that they will give such a lovely gift to other ARMY. We also received postcard from GSC. Thank youuu! Appreciate that. Really !


From GSC

Overall the movie was a satisfaction. As an ARMY of course you want to support your favourite group right? I can see they are struggling in building their name in international level. To the world class. It took 7 years to be where they are now. They also want to live normal life. But as usual they cannot due to safety reason and etc.

I really see BTS in other perspective. No only as entertainment. BTS game in k-pop industry is another level. They are different and have their own charms. Alaaahhh bias pulek kannn? But that's what I saw in them. Might be different in others. Pendapat masing2 kannn.. ^.^

So my bias in BTS are JIN and SUGA. I really adore both of them. Namjoon and Jin style boleh bawa jadi suami pilihan. Achegittheewww. 

Till then,

Love ARMY- A.Aqma

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