English vs Malay or MANGLISH?

Monday, September 14, 2020

 Assalamualaikum and hi all :)


I'm swiping away the dust from my blog here.

I've received multiple invitation for blog collaboration in English. So I was wondering is it time for me to blog in fully English or stay in Manglish.

I love to write in my daily style of language which is mix of Malay and English.

If anyone want to do blog/website/posting/content collaboration in English, please do not hesitate to approach me. I still can do it with full of my heart. :)

And of course lah kalau ada yang tak kisah mix english + malay or nak fully Bahasa Malaysia pun boleh. Since aqma dah pernah jadi student UKM so BM sepenuhnya in shaa ALLAH pon boleh ajeee..

Sekian posting aqma sementara tengah ada mood nak bercerita. 

Malam ni aqma cuba nak buka story lagi. :)



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